Alumni Artists-In-Residence


Clara Hoag


Clara Grace Hoag was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She received two BFAs from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2009, and she recently received an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Georgia in Athens in 2013.

In her work, Clara uses the suggestion of structure—both architectural and social—to address issues of the human condition: how people are composed, how they compose the world around them, and how complex or elemental that world can be. She says, “Soaring skyscrapers, complex scaffolding, and accumulations of slum housing describe the complexity of 21st Century life—from the dynamic social constructions that keep our world running to the systemic problems that oppress us every day. Single buildings celebrate individuality or highlight the mundane; amalgamations of architecture create tenuous landscapes, where fragility and stability foil each other, constantly seeking balance.”

During her residency at HCCC, Clara plans to accomplish several goals. She intends to make her art more confrontational by increasing the scale of her work; she plans to use construction materials to make her sculptures more gravity defying; and she wants to continue developing her architectural language by integrating new materials, such as concrete, spray foam, plaster, wood, and metal, into each piece.

Clara has participated in group and solo shows in Illinois, Georgia, and Florida, and she is represented by three galleries in Illinois and North Carolina. She also plays a mean banjo! She will be with HCCC from March – August, 2014. To learn more about her work, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Clara Hoag. Photo courtesy the artist. Clara Hoag, "Babel," 2013. Earthenware. 22" x 11" x 6." Photo by Clara Hoag.


Sarah Mizer


Originally from Providence, RI, Sarah Mizer is a Richmond, Virginia-based artist whose work ranges from billboards to small glass objects. Sarah has exhibited extensively, reaching galleries from Los Angeles to New York, Milwaukee to Houston, and including her hometowns: Richmond and Providence. Recently, her glasswork was part of a contemporary craft exhibition, Ambiguity and Interface, curated by Ray Cass and Howard Risatti at the Taubman Museum. Sarah’s work is in public collections at Alfred University and Pam and Bill Royall’s Try-Me, as well as many private collections.

While in residence at HCCC, Sarah will be working to bridge her glass installations, drawing, and billboards practices into a more cohesive body of work. She is taking time off from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she is the administrative director and assistant professor in the Art Foundation Program. Sarah also sits on the Board of Directors for 1708 Gallery. With a background in glass, she holds her MFA from VCUarts, in the Craft/Material Studies department, and her BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Sarah will be with HCCC through August of 2014. Learn more about her work at

Above, from top to bottom: Sarah Mizer. Photo courtesy the artist. Sarah Mizer, "Rainbow Rocks." 2013. Ink, Gouache and vinyl on paper. Photo courtesy the artist.


Alexis Myre

Mixed Media

Alexis Myre was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She studied mathematics and industrial design before transferring to California College of the Arts, where she received a BFA with an emphasis in jewelry and metal arts in 2010.

Alexis’ work is intricate by design and imbues itself both mathematically and symbolically with the idea that all material holds a hidden potential. Her approach to art-making involves mapping and scaling, as well as trial and error, in order to find a solution. The solution she seeks is not definitive or static. Rather, she constructs compositions that gesticulate in their design and are full of tension and activity simultaneously.

During her residency at HCCC, Alexis plans to include hallow-formed metalwork in her mixed-media wall pieces, creating an architectural landscape and a symbolic mapping. She will integrate the metal work into the embroidered plexi-glass surface to serve both as a function of structural integrity and an important visual element in the work.

Alexis has exhibited work in New York, Chicago, Asheville, Oakland, Houston, and other U.S. cities, as well as Rajasthan, India. She was the recipient of a Windgate Fellowship in 2010 and participated in artist residencies in India, Maine and New Mexico. She will be with HCCC from September through November, 2014. To learn more about Alexis, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Alexis Myre. Photo by Amanda Shackleford. Alexis Myre, "Landscape of Flight," 2013. Mixed media (Acrylic, silk thread, wire, paint, pencil). Photo by Kevin Noble.