Current Artists-In-Residence


Clara Hoag


Clara Grace Hoag was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She received two BFAs from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2009, and she recently received an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Georgia in Athens in 2013.

In her work, Clara uses the suggestion of structure—both architectural and social—to address issues of the human condition: how people are composed, how they compose the world around them, and how complex or elemental that world can be. She says, “Soaring skyscrapers, complex scaffolding, and accumulations of slum housing describe the complexity of 21st Century life—from the dynamic social constructions that keep our world running to the systemic problems that oppress us every day. Single buildings celebrate individuality or highlight the mundane; amalgamations of architecture create tenuous landscapes, where fragility and stability foil each other, constantly seeking balance.”

During her residency at HCCC, Clara plans to accomplish several goals. She intends to make her art more confrontational by increasing the scale of her work; she plans to use construction materials to make her sculptures more gravity defying; and she wants to continue developing her architectural language by integrating new materials, such as concrete, spray foam, plaster, wood, and metal, into each piece.

Clara has participated in group and solo shows in Illinois, Georgia, and Florida, and she is represented by three galleries in Illinois and North Carolina. She also plays a mean banjo! She will be with HCCC from March – August, 2014. To learn more about her work, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Clara Hoag. Photo courtesy the artist. Clara Hoag, "Babel," 2013. Earthenware. 22" x 11" x 6." Photo by Clara Hoag.


Caitie Sellers


Caitie Sellers received her BFA in Craft/Material Studies from Viriginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. After graduating, she spent the summer of 2008 teaching jewelry-making lessons to women in isolated regions near Xela, Guatemala. Upon returning to the U.S., Caitie moved between Montana and North Carolina, developing her own jewelry, working professionally as a floral designer, and assisting artists such as Joanna Gollberg, Natalya Pinchuk, and Amy Tavern.

Caitie’s work is informed by her observations of the many places she’s lived, from rural Virginia to Central America. She is interested in themes of urbanization, architecture, and social development. During her residency at HCCC, Caitie will use the local landscape of Houston to inspire a new body of work that will be a mixture of ink and wire drawings for the body and for the wall.

Caitie was chosen to speak at the 2012 Society of North American Goldsmiths’ conference as a Spotlight Emerging Artist and was a finalist for the Society for Contemporary Craft’s LEAP Award. Caitie will be with HCCC from December 2013 through August 2014. To learn more about her work, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Caitie Sellers. Photo courtesy the artist. Caitie Sellers, "Megawatt Earrings," 2013. Sterling silver and steel. 2.5"x 1.25.” Photo by the artist.


Delaney Smith


Delaney Smith is a visual artist working primarily with paper and bookmaking to create sculptures and interactive books. With a focus on aligning process and inherent qualities of material, she explores the ideas of accumulation, transformation, and duality. Her interactive books develop as the viewer alters the pages, creating a unique story of marks and questioning expectations of how one should approach a book.

Delaney received her BFA in graphic communications from the University of Southern Mississippi and her MFA in fibers from the University of North Texas. Her work has recently been selected for Materials Hard and Soft and is part of the permanent collection at Texas Women’s State University. She has received several grants and scholarships from the University of North Texas, including the B. Craig Raupe Travel Grant to attend the Yuma Art Symposium in Yuma, Arizona.

During her one-year residency, Delaney will continue to explore interactivity in her sculptures and books. She finds inspiration in collaborative environments and challenges herself to stay receptive.  Interchange with visitors and further experimentation with materials will shape her work. She will be with HCCC through August of 2014.  For more information, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Delaney Smith. Photo courtesy the artist. Delaney Smith, "Knebix," 2013. Cast repurposed paper. Photo by Matt Golden.


Demi Thomloudis


Demi Thomloudis, originally from the greater Philadelphia area, received her BFA in metals and jewelry from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2007 and her MFA in jewelry and metalwork from San Diego State University in 2013. Her work has been featured nationally and internationally in exhibitions, such as Suspend(ed) in Pink, an international exhibition traveling to Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Paris, and the USA; CHAIN project, at A CASA, Museum of Brazilian Object, in São Paulo, Brazil; and La Frontera, at Fraz Mayer Museum in Mexico City and Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco.  Her work is also featured in HCCC’s fall 2013 exhibition, SPRAWL. Demi’s jewelry can be seen in publications such as 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs:  A Groundbreaking Survey of a Modern Material, 500 Enameled Objects, and The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin: Techniques, Projects and Inspiration, all published by Lark Books.

Demi’s attraction to jewelry is forged by the opportunities it presents the maker, offering an intimate three-dimensional way to construct ideas.  Through experimentation, her chosen materials reveal their individual qualities, which are then used as information that dictates the fabrication of each composition. The intimacy of jewelry encourages a physical interaction between the viewer and the object and compels the viewer to inspect intricate details of materials and workmanship.  Her work questions our relationships with materials and skills, adapting the aesthetic and structural language of vernacular architecture to organize, build and conceptually guide the jewelry.   During her yearlong residency at HCCC, Demi intends to continue to build upon these formal relationships through material experimentation and research.  She will be with HCCC through August of 2014.  For more information, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Demi Thomloudis. Photos courtesy the artist. Demi Thomloudis, “15.014 ounces (cement necklace with yellow interior),” 2013.  Cement, resin, stainless steel, sterling silver, aluminum, and pigment.  Photo by the artist.  Collection of Efharis Alepedis.


Grace Zuñiga

Mixed Media

Grace Zuñiga was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2007, she received her BFA from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, with a focus in photography. In 2012, Grace received her MFA in studio art, with a focus in printmaking, from the University of Georgia, Lamar Dodd School of Art in Athens, Georgia. Grace recently accepted a position as Visual Art Curator at MECA-Houston and is an adjunct instructor at Houston Community College – Central.

Grace says her work is about transformation and the process of transforming. “My media consists of, but is not limited to, handmade charcoal, handmade paper, resin, and various metals. When these materials are combined, they create a larger form and composition that exceed the singularity of an object.”  While in residence at HCCC, Grace wants to see these works grow in scale and to develop a strong body of installation-based work.

Grace has exhibited both nationally and internationally in venues such as The Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas; The Sharjah Gallery in Cairo, Egypt; and, recently, a solo show at the Paper Circle Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio.  In 2010, Grace studied printmaking and papermaking in the UGA Cortona Program in Cortona, Italy.  She will be with HCCC through May of 2014.  For more information, visit

Above, from top to bottom: Grace Zuñiga. Photo courtesy the artist. Grace Zuñiga, "Empacho," 2012. Handmade charcoal and resin. Photo by the artist.