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HCC Stafford TV Studio interview with Sarah Darro

HCC Stafford TV StudioPosted August 4, 2017 in In The News


HCC Stafford TV Studio interviewed HCCC Curatorial Fellow, Sarah Darro, and HCC Curator, Kathryn Hall, about Small Expressions 2017 and Edward Eberle Retrospective:


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The Chinese-born artist, who’s been in the United States for four years (she came for an MFA program in ceramics at Arizona State), specializes in intricate, delicate, hand-assembled porcelain sculptures that capture the forms of often-hidden natural objects, particularly microorganisms.

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Annie Evelyn’s ‘Multiple Impressions’ at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

BLOUIN ARTINFOPosted July 5, 2017 in In The News

“Multiple Impressions” by furniture maker Annie Evelyn will run through September 2, 2017, at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

The display features furniture that Evelyn has created or in the process of creating. Her installations let the visitors experience her craftsmanship firsthand by taking a seat. Using alternative materials to upholster her chairs, she manipulates tessellations of cement and aluminum to create comfortable, squishy seat cushions. These works seem hard but are relaxing to sit on and changes the perception of the user. Evelyn continues to explore new ideas through her experimental methods. She tips traditional furniture making on its head.

Annie Evelyn received her BFA (1999) and MFA (2007) in furniture design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island. Evelyn has taught at Penland School of Crafts, RISD, Anderson Ranch, Parsons-The New School, and other institutions. She is the 2016 recipient of The John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship, and, in 2011, Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Turning and Furniture Design awarded her a Windgate Furniture Residency. Annie Evelyn currently lives in Penland, North Carolina, where she is an artist-in-residence at the Penland School of Crafts.

Edward Eberle Retrospective at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

BLOUIN ARTINFOPosted July 5, 2017 in In The News

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is hosting an exhibition of works by Pittsburgh-based ceramic artist, Edward Eberle. The exhibition will run through September 2, 2017.

This is the first career retrospective of Eberle’s work. The show brings together over 40 of the artist’s creations and highlights the evolution of Eberle’s forms and fragmented dreamlike imagery by featuring both his trademark porcelain work, as well as a series of works on paper. The retrospective brings works from the mid-1980s to the present forming a dialogue that explores the artist’s oeuvre. It culminates with examples of the artist’s most recent mixed-media sculptures, and large paper cylinders. Eberle’s ceramics are influenced by the Oribe and Kutani periods in Japan while his paintings and sculptures draw from Picasso, Miro, Duchamp, Klee, and de Kooning, among others.

Edward Eberle (b. 1944, Tarentum, PA) received his B.S. in 1967 from Edinboro State College (Edinboro, PA) and completed his M.F.A. at New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University (Alfred, NY) in 1972. Eberle joined the faculty at Philadelphia College of Art (Philadelphia, PA). He was later hired as an associate professor in ceramics and drawing (1975-1985) at Carnegie Mellon. In addition to being represented in a number of museum collections, his work has been featured in numerous solo shows in New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, including two exhibitions at the Carnegie Museum of Art (1980 and 1991) and one at the Columbus Museum of Art (1999).

Center for Contemporary Craft integrates bees into visitor experience

ChronPosted June 14, 2017 in In The News

The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) is a small art center at 4848 Main St., Houston, dedicated to contemporary studio craft and shows work made by artists working in the United States.

“We have four studios located in the building, and we provide the artists with 24-hour studio access as well as a modest stipend,” said Perry Price, Executive Director of Contemporary Craft. “We just ask that for a certain amount of days a week they keep their studio doors open so that visitors to the museum can come stick their heads in and ask questions and learn a little bit more about the process and materials.”

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Bored Panda: Pierced ceramics by Stearn

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Glasstire Top Five: March 23, 2017

GlasstirePosted March 23, 2017 in In The News

Christina Rees and Rainey Knudson on craft versus art, Black Lives Matter at Project Row Houses, and flowers as transgression.

Ten Things to Do In Houston For $10 or Less (Seven Free), March 23-29

Houston PressPosted March 23, 2017 in In The News

Combat Paper Workshop by Drew Cameron
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Craft Garden
1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, free

Artist Drew Cameron has been showing his art in the “United by Hand: Work and Service” exhibit since early February, along with Alicia Dietz and Ehren Tool, to pay tribute to U.S. veterans. It’s also a way, without making too many waves, to raise awareness about the history and current state of war culture in the United States. Cameron will show how to repurpose plant-based fibers from donated military uniforms and civilian clothing and will turn those scraps into handmade paper. When it’s all said and done, selected sheets of the finished paper will be displayed in the gallery through May 27.

On Her Own Terms: Melissa Cody at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

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One of the funniest episodes of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm involves Larry David, aiming to score points with his love interest’s flamboyantly effeminate son Greg, buying the seven-year-old a sewing machine to the dismay of Greg’s mother, who hasn’t yet come to terms with her son’s likely sexuality. Compounding David’s faux pas, Greg uses the machine to make his mother’s (Jewish) friend a baby-blue pillow sham emblazoned with a purple swastika—a symbol he gravitated toward when observing David absentmindedly doodling it, along with Hitler mustaches, on a magazine ads. Continue Reading »

30 Things Every Houston Family Has to Do This Spring

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Spring, while brief in Texas, always sneaks up on us. Azaleas and bluebonnets are blooming, but only for a short time. And it’s one of those rare seasons when being outside in Houston can be just plain pleasant. So between dining al fresco and enjoying walks around the park, we found a few other exciting activities to help you make the most of the season, from festivals and freebies to shows and new openings.

Every month, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft invites the public to partake in a bit of hands-on fun. The April 1 session is with artist Lisa Hardaway where visitors can create a hand-woven bookmark. After you make your piece, stroll through the gallery to see what’s on display.