Wednesday, April 24, 2019 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
River Oaks Country Club
1600 River Oaks Blvd, Houston, TX 77019 (Map)

Chaired by Betty Moody, Cindi Strauss, and Anne Tucker, the tenth annual Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon will honor legendary arts professional, Clint Willour.

Since its opening in 2001, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) has established itself as an important cultural and artistic resource for both Houston and the nation—one of the few venues in the country dedicated exclusively to the interpretation and presentation of craft at the highest level.  Over the last 17 years, many individuals have worked together to bring the Center’s mission to life and to develop critically lauded exhibitions, innovative educational programs, and a nationally recognized artist residency program.

One of the figures most central to the Center’s success has been Clint Willour, legendary arts professional, jump-starter of countless artists’ careers, collector and philanthropist, devoted arts-opening attendee, and longtime board and committee member of HCCC.  It is our privilege to honor Clint at this year’s Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon. With a long and storied career, Clint has been instrumental in the careers of countless artists and has played a pivotal role in the Texas art scene for nearly 50 years.

All proceeds from the Spring Luncheon benefit Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  For more information and to learn about underwriting opportunities, please email

Individual tickets range from $150 – $1,000 per person.
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Clint Willour

Betty Moody
Cindi Strauss
Anne Tucker


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