Philabaum Glass / Tom Philabaum

Tom Philabaum has been creating glass art for over 40 years. After much experimentation he perfected a technique of design and form in glass that came to be called the Reptilian series. In this series Philabaum can sometimes layer up to 20 layers of glass and different pigments, thus creating the scales, texture and depth of color within each piece. Philabaum has received numerous awards in recognition of his craft and work within the community including the Arizona Governor’s Art Award for Artist of the Year.

Above: Tom Philabaum, “Round Blue Paperweight.” Glass. Photo by HCCC.

Gillian Preston

Gillian Preston


Gillian Preston’s process begins by blowing a plate of glass in a hot shop choosing and applying layers of color that will serve as the canvas for her glass wearable’s. Glass powders are inset into these sandblasted into the glass and fused to the plate in a kiln. A few firings in a kiln complete the process as each piece takes its one of a kind shape. Broken Plates makes reference to the work’s origin as each wearable was cut and created from a piece of hand blown plate glass, resulting in a highly unique line of jewelry that captures the qualities of blown glass.

Above: Gillian Preston, “Glass Geo Cuff.” Blown glass and brass. Photo courtesy of the artist.