Read below to see Asher Gallery’s top artist picks for your last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts and other springtime shopping. Please note: some items have limited availability. Asher Gallery has a fantastic selection of one-of-a-kind gifts, including jewelry, ceramics, home décor and wearables. As always, HCCC members save 10%!

Love and Technology | $95
Maria Eife, “Star Cage Hoops.”
3-D printed nylon, UV light coating and silver.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.


Pearls and Chandeliers | $60 – $420
Ashley Buchanan, “Pearl Sketch Brooch,” and
“Chandelier Max Earrings.”
Brass powder coat and sterling silver.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend | $60 – $175
Tarina Frank, “Gold Chain Pendant.”
Plastic, photographic print and silver.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.


Love Knots | $100 – $380
Younha Jung, “Long Plastic Knot Earrings.”
Sterling silver and acrylic.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Creative Bonds | $150 – $280
Kristin Lora, “Brush Drop Lariat Pendant.”
Oxidized silver and synthetic brush head.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.


Big Colors | $80- $700
Jonathan Clark, “Jumbo Colored Pencils.”
Mixed media.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford


Heart of Gold | $75 – $325
Robert Thomas Mullen, “Gold Weights.”
Mixed media.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford


Silver Prisms | $60 – $375
Jera Lodge “Hexagonal Earrings,” and “Large Hexagonal Pendant.”
Silver, steel, 23.5K gold, and 14k gold solder.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.


Heart of Glass | $74 – $155
Gillian Preston, “Gentle Curve Necklace.”
Blown glass and brass (also available in sterling silver chains).
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Love Birds | $32
Gretchen Diehl, “Lovebirds,” and “Cockatiels.”
Original illustrations, Ink-jet shrink film, plastic and nickel-free hardware.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.



Delicate Flowers |$180 – $220
Maia Leppo, “Silicone Posts with White Flowers.”
Steel, silver, silicone and powder coat.
Photo by Amanda Shackleford.